App Store Features


Back in 2015 Apple announced Phil Schiller would be in charge of the App Store. This change saw lots of great improvements. One example on the developer side was drastically shorter app review wait times. The most prominent on the consumer side was with the introduction of a newly revamped App Store for iOS. It was clear Phil was going to move the App Store forward. Just this past WWDC in San Jose Apple announced its plans to give the Mac App Store this same attention and focus.

Khoi Vinh’s App Store illustration article from May highlighted how amazing and overlooked the App Stores features are. This is one of the many changes that has happened that needs more attention as Kohi points out in his article. It’s made the App Store something you want to check more often now that there is curated editorial content.

Just today for example I saw a feature on the amazing Florence. To save it sadly the only thing I could do is take screen shot. Looking at the bottom of the article I saw a share button that does let me save it to Pocket. But doing so lets me jump back to this page in the App Store which is nice but it doesn’t work as I would like it to.

Then I remembered an acquisition announced recently that I largely ignored. Texture it’s a magazine subscription service that would charge a monthly fee for access to a wide variety of magazines every month. You can view these magazines and articles on iPad or iPhone.

Apple should be highlighting these app features more and giving me better tools to save them but what if they didn’t have to? How about if they made them monthly magazines ? I don’t think this is something they should charge for but I do think the magazine format could work for them. This magazine can be shown in Apple News, Texture, and maybe even the newly renamed Books app.

They can take all of the past content and give it more attention as well. If users can subscribe to these in a magazine format they never have to worry about saving them for later. It’ll be in one place to look at they would just need to download the issue they want. It will be great for developers as well letting them get more exposure even after their content is featured for the day or week. Someone just subscribing might go back and discover new apps they otherwise would have missed. Since they pledged to have this type of content for the Mac App Store I hope they can come up with a better way to showcase and preserve it. A monthly iOS and Mac OS app feature magazine would be amazing!

So Apple here is a free idea please give your amazing App Store editorial team’s content a much longer life.