Going to WWDC


It’s already been almost a month since WWDC happened in San Jose this year but I’m still thinking about it. I decided earlier in the year that I wanted to go to meet developers and new people who cared as much as I do about Apple and their services. I have been learning Swift so it was also a great chance to see from ground zero what new changes were coming in the new versions of Apple’s platforms.

Last year Relay FM was hosting a meet up and I was able to go so it was my second time in the city.  The downtown area was really nice and had lots of different places to relax and grab some food. There was also motorized scooters everywhere in the city for people to zoom around on. Since the event is so huge there are lots of other conferences that also go on. ALT Conf was a free one I went to that was right next door to Apple’s main conference.


This year Relay FM , ATP, and The Talk Show  were doing live shows. I was lucky enough to grab some tickets. Having been a fan of these podcasts for years it was surreal getting to see them recorded live with other fans.

Accidental Tech Podcast (Marco, Casey, John)
The Talk Show with John Gruber
Connected (Stephen, Myke, Federico)

I also got to spend some time with hosts of The Menu Bar  one of my favorite new podcasts. They talk about the things in tech that no one else covers. Both Zach Cichy & Andrew J Clark were really nice and easy to talk to. Like many moments at WWDC it brings the best people together in one place. Meeting people IRL and getting a chance to build friendships is the highlight of WWDC.

Apple Park Visitor Center

When I read that Apple Park will have a visitor center I was really excited to check it out. When I found out it also has a coffee shop inside there was no way I couldn’t go. I finally got my chance during WWDC and it was so much fun. Last year I got to visit One Infinite Loop and they have a small Apple store that sells cool gear that you can only get there and nowhere else.

Apple Park’s Visitor center was clearly designed to be a destination and had lots to do on your visit. It had all the hallmarks of what Apple has tried to put in their stores like a gigantic display for events. As well as other things exclusive to the visitor center like the coffee bar, AR demo area, and top balcony. They also had some cool shirts and exclusive gear like One Infinite Loop.

I feel lucky to have gone to WWDC and can’t wait to go again next year. I was able to meet so many awesome people. Everyone was friendly and enthusiastic we all were sharing our excitement from the announcements. If you have the opportunity to go to WWDC or are on the fence I would highly recommend going. You never know who you will meet or run into.