I was thinking of  switch statements wrong before. They are kind of like if statements in the way that they work and  I made assumptions of naming things. After writing the switch syntax I have to write out the thing I want to switch.  So if I have a dictionary with values I want to go into empy arrays I need to switch on the key. I cant put just anything after the switch syntax which is what I thought before.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.51.21 AM

I wanted to make sure I got the concept from the treehouse example so I wrote my own version of the example. I wrote a few empty arrays with the titles of shows I like. Then I made a dictionary with keys and strings with characters for each show. After that I started pairing the keys with the shows. It’s the same as the example on treehouse just my version. I was curious though I kept getting errors when I would try to write more than one string value for a key in the dictionary. So I had to settle for writing out a key and one character at a time, im sure there’s a way to have multiple values for a key in a dictionary I just have to look into it.

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