The Macbook has been probably the most polarizing new mac that Apple has released since the first Macbook Air.  Many have come to both love the design and criticise it from its lack of processing power and having only one port for everything.  Many people and even Apple fans were upset that it was not the Macbook Air with a retina display they were hoping for.  I was kind of in this camp because I have had a Macbook Air and the display was my only complaint to my favorite computer I had used thus far.  But the Macbook is nothing in use day to day as it is on paper with its low spec processor and one port.  It’s  really really fun and a pleasure to actually use.  I wanted to share my opinions on the 2015 Macbook I have used for some time now.  I also believe there are a good number of people like myself that wait to refurbished models or good second-hand machines go on sale to save some cash.  I have yet to pay full retail for a mac.  The Macbook has also been my main computer for the past couple weeks replacing my Macbook Air.

Having used the Air for over a year I understand why many critics have called it one of the best computers ever built.  I found its strength was its light weight, its performance, and its insane battery life.  I still feel perhaps the biggest benefit to the Air today for potential buyers is it’s truly all day battery life.  Going to college with the Air as my main machine was a joy with no charger in the bag necessary it would never die or even get to 50% at the end of my day.


But this isn’t about the Macbook Air it’s about to me its successor the Macbook.  Having just bought the 2015 Macbook this mac to me feels just like an 11 inch Air only better.  I have been lucky enough to own and use both the 11 inch and 13.3 inch Air’s and both were solid machines.  They were a joy to use and I had never experienced any lag or problems with either.  Both were so light I would look in my bag to check if they were there multiple times afraid that I left them behind in the coffee shop or in the school library.  The Macbook keeps this trend going for me being only about 2 pounds and like a feather in a backpack.  But despite the 11 inch Macbook Air footprint the Macbook has a 12 inch screen and its a gorgeous retina display.  I can not understate how much of a difference this display is compared to the Air and non retina macs.  Once you see the display it’s really hard to go back.

The Macbook also does really well on the battery life of the device to despite having a retina display.  Going from the Macbook Air’s legendary battery life to the Macbook im happy to say its still pretty good.  I get a full day out of it and its standby time is just as good as the Air’s.  Giving up a few hours for a retina display is a trade off im very happy to make because the battery life is still very good.  Typing on said Macbook the text is razor sharp and I don’t feel like I have a display from 7 years ago like I did with the Air.  And speaking of the Macbook keyboard its a very shallow and low travel keyboard that many will probably need to try to see if they’ll like it.  I am not a keyboard guy but I got used to this keyboard in 10 minutes and found myself typing just as fast if not faster than I did on the Air.  I really like this keyboard and I love the look of it with the larger keys its one of the things that makes it more modern looking to me than the Air or even the Macbook Pro.

The Macbook’s keyboard with large keys

The one port is probably a deal breaker for many people.  The Macbook has one usb c port that is the new standard that uses power, data transfer, and video all in one.  For anyone needing to plug more than one thing into youre computer on a regular basis this computer is probably not for you unless you don’t mind dongles and adapters.  This is something I think the Macbook is really unfairly judged for though.  When this computer came out it shocked everyone having only one port.  And while that may seem like bad design to some I want to say that for the potential users of this computer it’s actually not that big a deal.  Before buying this mac I thought about the times I used a usb and couldn’t remember the last time I plugged anything in other than to charge my mac.  So I felt this wouldn’t be a problem for me and so far it hasn’t and I don’t foresee it being a problem in the future.  I just feel like there are some potential buyers who are interested in the Macbook that might really like it but get swayed away from reviews or opinion pieces telling them one port is too little or not enough when for that buyer one port is a non issue.  I think for the people in the market that are really in tune for what they need in their next computer will be able to choose the Macbook.  But there are many articles that discredit the Macbook for its processor clock speeds.  From a 2014 Macbook Air to the 2015 Macbook I havent noticed a difference in performance once.

USB C Port

There is also a headphone jack and I’m glad because I use that for my speakers in my room as well as my headphones.  Other aspects of the hardware that are worth mentioning is the forcetouch trackpad and speakers.  OSX now lets you put other gestures in the trackpad with a force click but I hardly use these functions.  I do however love being able to click anywhere on the trackpad, before I had tap to click on but now I actually click with the trackpad.  It’s a really cool technology because it actually doesn’t click it just feels like it does and tricks youre brain.    The speakers on the Macbook are also amazing they’re so loud and crisp if I didn’t have speakers in my room I could easily use them for podcasts.

The headphone jack is the only other port 

I chose to buy this Macbook for a couple of reasons and after waiting for Apple to release the second generation I happily bought the 2015 version.  This is because there is no real difference between the two other than a processor upgrade to intel’s skylake chipset that makes it as Apple claims around 20% faster than last years model.  Now specs on macs are I feel less important than most people think and it’s because Apple makes the hardware and software.  Now that is very cliché but I do believe its true because coming from a 2014 Air on paper its much faster and more capable than the 2015 or even 2016 Macbook.  I have on my computer Safari in full screen with 6 tabs pinned at all times as well as a couple of tabs to the side of that.   I know many people use chrome but I don’t and just want to give an idea of my workflow.  Tweetbot is always running in fullscreen, Spotify is playing minimized usually but always open.  I have imessage open on a different desktop and this is on average the apps and items that I always have loaded and running.  Sometimes there is more apps running but hardly anything less than this.  I don’t do any video editing and photo editing or anything to crazy.  I feel like my workflow and daily tasks like web surfing and email and Spotify and twitter is typical for most people and the Macbook does all of this with ease.

I could get an ipad and do all these tasks just as easily just under iOS and some people do just that.  But for me I love having a keyboard as a main part of the hardware and am not ready to give up OSX yet.  This is by far the nicest mac I have ever used.  Now getting back to waiting for this mac and the second generation Macbook.  I bought this computer refurb from Apple for $930 before taxes.  This was only possible after the new model came out and Apple wanted to get rid of a lot of the old models.  When this computer came out its entry point before taxes was $1299.  The 2016 Macbook has the same starting price and doesn’t really offer much benefit to me over the first model.  I had a feeling this would happen and was prepared for it.  So I sold my Macbook Air and used the money to help pay for my new mac.  So at $930 I was happy to make the purchase.  At $1299 I would not buy this computer though.  It will still have all the same plusses and minuses but for me it would be to expensive.  At the refurb price I felt good about the purchase.  With WWDC around the corner and a new Macbook Pro designed rumored I didn’t want to get the Macbook Pro only to see a redesign a couple of months later.  The Macbook however was the perfect machine for me.  It was a whole new kind of new mac from Apple and its refresh wasnt gonna be a huge rethink of the product.  Getting another Macbook Air wasnt even a thought since it’s a dying product and doesnt have any new innovation.  At a bad time to buy a mac considering upgrade and new product releases during me writing this the referb 2015 Macbook was my best option at an upgrade.  The 2015 Macbook feels like a redesigned Macbook Air to me, the one me and so many people wanted.  Its a Macbook that I love to use and am very happy to have.


2 thoughts on “ Two weeks with the Macbook ”

  1. Did u experience any lag with Microsoft and the iWork suite? I found the Macbook Air 13 inch newest one with 8g RAM for 900 at Best Buy. Which one would u recommend if it’s between the 1st gen Macbook and latest Macbook Air 13? I do a lot of word processing for work. Thanks.


    1. Hey Hsien, I haven’t downloaded office 365 for the Mac but I had it on the 2014 air I had for a bit but I mainly use iWork’s apps like pages and google docs for school and stuff. I think if you’re gonna be getting it for writing it’s a really interesting and good option. It’s got 8gb of ram and 256gigs of storage. All my apps run really smoothly. I highly recommend trying the keyboard at an Apple Store if you can since you’ll be typing a lot on it. And for price I wouldn’t recommend it at its full retail $1299 but if you can find a refurb from Apple close to $900 it’s definitely worth it if you like the keyboard and don’t mind one port. Keep an eye out for deals and try B&H photo their refurb is really great too


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