Hello, I would like to thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet I named Everyday Robots.  I have been wanting to do this for some time and for a couple of reasons.  As I went through school ive always liked writing and never felt it was homework or a chore to do.  I always jumped at the attempt to dodge my math homework with an essay.  So I am starting my own blog and I am gonna post regularly here about technology and the things im passionate about.

The other main reason I am starting this blog is because I don’t want to just sit and read articles anymore.  While I enjoy many different articles on tech and tech news and theres no shortage of them, I want to put my voice out there in the world and contribute to the conversation.  I have been inspired many times by different creative people on the internet making what they are passionate about in their own mediums. The mediums that have spoken to me the most have been blogging, vloging, and podcasting.  Bloggers like Federico ViticciJason Snell, and John Gruber all have fantastic blogs worth reading and checking out.  Other inspirations of creative people for me are Youtubers like: Casey Neistat , Sara Dietschy, and Sam Sheffer.  Podcaster Myke Hurley  has also been an inspiration, he founded and helps run his Relay Fm network with amazing podcasts on lots of topics tech related and other topics as well.

So this is going to be my place to try to share what im passionate about and my perspectives.  I hope you enjoy reading and please give me feedback its always welcome!  I have a connect and links page here as well with my twitter and instagram to follow me there as well if you like.

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